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OpenEDC is an innovative medical platform for structured data capture. For research and beyond.

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Application Areas

From Thesis to Clinical Trial

OpenEDC is the ideal solution for all types of research projects. From surveys during a doctoral thesis, to clinical outcomes study, to multi-centric studies. The modular concept allows the solution to be customized for every requirement.


Doctoral Thesis

Students and individual researchers can use OpenEDC locally on their own computers – without installation or registration. Surveys are easy to set up in compliance with the data protection regulations.

Outcomes Study

Clinics and practices can use OpenEDC to evaluate and continuously improve the outcome of their therapies. An app for patients allows user-friendly and digital follow-up. Interactive statistics provide insights in real time.


OpenEDC enables university hospitals, institutes and other research institutions to conduct large longitudinal and multi-centric trials such as registries and epidemiological studies. With the option of distributed data storage.

Clinical Trials

Prospectively, OpenEDC will also help medical product as well as drug manufacturers and Clinical Research Organizations to conduct clinical trials. Fully AMG, MPG, DSGVO, GCP and HIPAA compliant.


A Variety of Opportunities

OpenEDC offers you all the essential functions to implement your research project quickly and easily.

Instant Availability

Start creating powerful forms, data tables and capturing information without registering. Everything runs solely on your computer or your mobile device. OpenEDC sets up a local database in your browser. Unless you explicitly choose to share data, no information will ever leave your computer.

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Unlimited Modularity

OpenEDC is designed from the bottom up for extensibility. Use modules and question types that fit your research project. For example, you can integrate a high-security pseudonymisation service with just a few clicks or use a versatile document and file management system with all your colleagues.

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Flexible Connectivity

OpenEDC builds on established data standards in medicine. So you can be sure that your data is collected in a sustainable format and can be further analysed by your colleagues. You can also easily connect OpenEDC with existing applications in your clinic and thereby import laboratory values, for example.

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More Features

OpenEDC offers many features to support you with your study.

Form Builder

Create intuitively even complex forms with conditional questions and calculated fields.


Manage all participants of your trial – also completely pseudonymised if required.

Roles and Permissions

User administration with customisable roles and permissions.

Distributed Data Storage

Several clinics can participate in a study and store data only on site if required.

Audit Trail

Audit-proof record of changes in the data set – according to GCP regulation.

Query Management

High data quality through ticket-based monitoring and assignment of tasks.

Offline Data Capture

Read, capture and save data even without an internet connection.

Reports and Insights

Create and share visual evaluations and reports in real time.
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Our Vision

We want to be far more than just an EDC system. With OpenEDC, we want to create a research platform that allows everyone around the world to use our product in a few seconds without lengthy sales loops, registration obligation or necessary expert knowledge. We strive to enable the collection of more qualitative data, the connection of data and, ultimately, the improvement of medical care.


Practical Experience

We are advocates for academic research and provide institutes with an open, customizable and flexible solution for diverse research projects.

“The major advantages of OpenEDC for us are user-friendliness, extensibility and interoperability. By supporting the CDISC ODM data standard, we can export and import both metadata and clinical data in a widely recognized format.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Dugas
University Hospital Heidelberg

“Decentralized data storage and record linkage is a vital factor for us. We use it to implement federated projects without disregarding the needs of the participating sites. Each clinic retains control over its data – and yet comprehensive monitoring is possible with OpenEDC.”

Prof. Dr. Julian Varghese
University Hospital Münster

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